for twins
and more

If you are expecting twins or more, congratulations and welcome to the club!

As a mother to a wonderful set of twins myself, I understand the excitement and apprehension that comes with finding out you are expecting more than one baby.

But even when you are having more than one baby and told you are “high risk” and supposedly have limited options, it is still your body, your birth and your babies. And I want you to know how much you matter, how many choices you have and how you can build up a great tool set to support your through your pregnancy and parenting journey.

This can be done through my online, live and interactive group hypnobirthing course, which you can join from the comfort of your sofa and is dedicated solely to families expecting twins or more. This is the perfect antenatal preparation for you and your partner.

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Hypnobirthing is so much more than breathing, its name really doesn’t do it justice. It gives you the tools to help you relax, slow your breathing and keep calm in unexpected or difficult situations, it really is a tool for life.

Getting prepared for multiples can be hard work, click the button below to download a list of essentials.


    The course will cover topics including:

  • Your hopes and fears
  • What hypnosis is and how it supports labour and birth
  • Emotional and physiological stages of labour
  • Planned physiological births and caesarean births
  • Language in birth and advocacy
  • Affirmations
  • The birth environment
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Birth plans/preferences
  • Postnatal planning and using hypnosis beyond labour
  • Premature babies and neonatal care

    When you sign up to my course you will receive:

  • A welcome pack including beautiful and useful things
  • A comprehensive handbook
  • Hypnosis tracks to download
  • Access to my online hypnobirthing community to make friends, ask questions, access more resources and support

There is an optional upgrade on my group course which gives you a one hour private call with myself and continuing remote support.

I also offer private online courses if this is more suitable to your needs.

Getting prepared for multiples can be hard work, why download this free PDF of stuff you need to buy for twins to make things a little easier.

As an independent hypnobirthing teacher, accredited by MamaSerene - Dani Diosi, I have written the course and recorded the relaxation tracks myself. It is my course, packed full of evidence based information, and all of my knowledge, doula experience and passion rolled into one.

I would recommend doing the course from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards, with your birth partner, so you are both on the same page, can have open discussions around the topics we cover, practice the exercises and be a great team.

Please check with your midwife/GP before signing up to the course, we do not go too deep into hypnosis, but it is best to check for any contraindications.

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Michelle is an excellent hypnobirthing practitioner. Very friendly and explained the concepts of hypnobirthing clearly. Michelle was easy to talk too and included my partner in the course. He did not know what to expect but enjoyed the course and found useful tips to support me during labour.


Our twin pregnancy wasn’t a smooth journey but after doing Michelle’s course I was able to keep myself calm during difficult times. And my husband was able to advocate for myself and our babies when I wasn’t in a position to. Having twins was really scary until we met Michelle, she made us realise it was our journey to take control of.


We can’t thank Michelle enough for the precious time she spent with us. A lot of the anxiety going around my head has been eased by understanding all the options we have. I’d recommend this course to any expectant twin parents out there!