Birth support

My role as a birth doula includes helping you sift through the overwhelming amount of information you will come across, find out what matters and is truly important to you and your family as you move into parenthood.

Birth preferences, parenting choices and situations vary greatly, but can all be supported, from home water births to planned caesarean births. My role is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach.

I complement the medical birthing team of midwives, doctors and consultants. And can be the wingman to your partner because although I know birth really well, they know you really well, so together we are the ultimate team.

Together we can also explore the tools of hypnobirthing, birth art and journaling if these are of interest to you.

My most important role as your doula during birth is to provide nurturing, continuous support and reassurance.

My birth doula support covers the RUH Bath, GWH Swindon, White Horse, Chippenham and Frome Birthing Centres, as well as home births in the surrounding areas.

Initially, we will have a complimentary meeting to get to know each other, have a cup of tea, and for us all to see if we are a good fit for each other and your family at this special time.

If you feel I would be the right doula for you then typically my services would look like this:

  • 2 birth preparation antenatal sessions.
  • Ongoing support whenever you have a question or would like to talk and share how you feel.
  • On call 24/7 from 10 days before your estimated due date.
  • Staying with you throughout labour & for a few hours afterwards until you are settled and comfortable.
  • A postnatal visit at home to reflect on your birth, give practical help and see how you are feeling.
  • I am here to listen, not judge but give confidence in your choices, to signpost and to simply support you.

In an antenatal session a few things we can discuss include:

  • Your hopes and fears for birth and parenthood
  • The basic physiology of birth
  • Emotional and physical stages of labour
  • Your thoughts and options for pain management
  • Advocacy
  • Your partners role
  • Writing your birth preferences / plan
  • Planning your postnatal period
  • Support services

Gift vouchers are available from Doula UK so your family and friends can contribute towards the cost of your doula.

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Michelle’s support was invaluable during our pregnancy, birth and beyond. We learnt so much from her antenatal sessions and her friendly relaxed vibe was very reassuring as we planned our birth preferences. She has a wealth of knowledge and a whole library of fab books to loan out. My husband was made to feel involved throughout and Michelle encouraged him to share his views and feelings. He felt that Michelle added to the birth experience rather than being threatened in any way. Thoroughly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a doula!


Michelle is so lovely and chilled, she never looked at me like I was mad when I was losing my head. She understands everything and put her arms around me with her words and manner, she was super caring with my newborn. She understood all the things I wanted her help with postnatally even if it was just getting out of the house to go for walk, she cares and that shows. Through labour she understood everything that was going on and even read the people around us in the same way I did and so knew how to deal with the situation best for me. Michelle has a great sense of humour and a huge heart, plus a love and magical way with tiny babies.


I'd never had a doula before and felt quite anxious about not having my husband with me during the birth. However, with 3 children at home childcare was a factor do we decided a doula to support me during the birth process was the right decision for our family. Michelle was very relaxed and reassuring from our very first session and helped me feel at ease about the situation. I had a high-risk pregnancy with daily hospital visits and Michelle was always on the end of the phone to keep updated and support where needed. This was our 4th baby but 1st caesarean birth and having Michelle's experience and knowledge of caesarean births really helped me calm my anxieties. She helped me feel in control of my situation and my husband felt reassured that I would be cared for during the arrival of our baby. During the birth itself Michelle was nurturing, supportive and helped me practically as well as emotionally. Even after the birth when we were home with baby, Michelle visited us postnatally and has remained in contact virtually since then even if it's just the odd catch up. If you’re looking for a doula, I cannot recommend Michelle enough!